I’m super, thanks for asking

Hi, I’m Angie. I am a smelly, tree hugging vegan. I do not want to throw paint on your fur coat. I just love animals and have ethical, health and gag reflux reasons why I do not eat them. I have found many benefits from living this way and hope to share those on this little blog.

tree hugger

I love bulldogs and books. I have 2 American bulldogs named Suzie & Penny and an embarrassing amount of books in my to-read pile. I really try to remember the size of that pile every time I feel the urge to buy a new book, which is almost daily. True story.


I live in Southern California with my little family. I want to be an amazing yogi, hiker of the entire PCT trail and a fast, marathon runner. All of those goals are pretty far out of reach now, I seem to collect injuries like troll dolls. My most challenging, current goal is learning PATIENCE and working with my limitations, but not letting them define me. It’s hard.

I hope to travel the whole world. My feet have already felt the earth of 2 other continents (Europe & Africa) and I have a trip to China planned in March. I seem to always be planning my next trip and will never stop.

I like roller skating, karaoke, yoga, hiking, The Rocky Horror Picture show, tie dye, green tea and bright nail polish. Let’s be friends.

10 thoughts on “I’m super, thanks for asking

  1. OMG HI you’re blogging! I’m so excited to get to know you through your blog!

    So jealous of your trip to China. I want to go to Asia so, so badly in the next couple years. AND AFRICA? You’re like my travel kindred spirit! Ha 🙂

  2. My precious Angie!!!

    We’re already friends, but let’s do the time warp, drink some tea, and go do some roller-karaoke next time we’re in the same timezone.
    LOVE you and I’m so glad you’re back! 😀

  3. YAY!!….you are blogging again…..:) I’m so happy. I always wanted to go to a RHPS I have never been I’m a “virgin” I’ve seen the movie though.

    We have been internet friends for going on 6 years and i’d really like to change that in 2013.

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