CSD: Day 7

Today, completed my first full week on the Crazy Sexy Diet (CSD). My energy is high and I noticed my skin looking clearer and brighter. The headaches I was experiencing Days 2-4 have ceased and I am feeling lighter. I did however, notice I was hungrier today than the other days. Today was the first day I ate an afternoon snack.

I started my morning with at home yoga. I did Rodney Yee’s 60 minute Power Yoga DVD.


I first drank a cup of hot ginger tea with cayenne pepper and lemon.


I didn’t get hungry till about 9:00. I started chugging my smoothie. This smoothie contained: 1 pear, 1 cucumber, 2 kale leave, flax seed meal and about 3 cups of water. This made 2 smoothies. My smoothie atop my pink, office fridge:


I ate lunch around 12:15,  I had leftover tagine. This dish has gotten better by the day as the flavors keep melding in with one another. I forgot to take a picture at lunchtime, so I will post the original one:


Around 2:30, I felt hungry, so I ate a snack. I always try to keep something in my work fridge, so that I don’t get tempted to go out and eat. I had a handful of almonds and about 1 cup of blueberries.


I have been craving for food with peanut ingredients, all week! I knew I wanted thai food for dinner.

We started with fried tofu & peanut sauce:


My entree was pad thai. It is pretty easy to veganize, I just asked for no eggs and tofu instead of chicken:


This definitely cured my peanut craving. I ate about half of my plate and took the leftovers home for tomorrow’s lunch.

I was worried about how today was going to go. Generally, on Fridays, after a long week, we like to go out to eat and drink beer, or maybe stay in and have a glass of wine as we decompress from the week. I decided to go out to eat somewhere that would not  be a temptation, this helped a lot and I do not feel like I missed out on anything.

I am excited to feel more improvements over the next few days.

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Celebrate freedom, truth and tofu!

6 thoughts on “CSD: Day 7

  1. You’re eating so well, good job girl! I need to find some motivation to follow along in your footsteps… I just have so much going on already. What a crappy excuse, I know!

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