The Veggie Grill & RHPS

This weekend we celebrated our first Rocky Horror Picture show of the new year! We try to make it to a showing every few months.


Since we were in the area, I knew I wanted to have dinner at The Veggie Grill. This restaurant is all vegan! It is always tough to decide what to order, usually I am used to finding the one item on a menu that I can veganize, it was amazing to have a whole, delicious menu available to me.

I ordered The Urban Plate (Blackened tempeh caramelized onion portabella stack, steamin’ kale, tomato salad chipotle ranch) . I inhaled it. It was flavorful, with the perfect texture. The dressing on the kale was a great balance between tangy and sweet, the kale itself was blanched to still retain it’s crispiness, but forego it’s coarseness. I have had bad experience with both tempeh and portabella mushroom mushiness, in the past, but I was surprised with both on this plate. They were not too chewy and had a nice, smoky taste in each bite.


My sister ordered the Crisy Chickin’ Plate and my Love ordered the  Sante Fe Crispy Chickin’ sandwich. From what I heard, we all enjoyed our meals. I know this because I heard only silence for about the 20 minutes it took us too eat. This is the only time we are quiet, when we are shoveling delish food into our mouths like Garfield.


We went to the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture show at the Nuart Theater. As always, it was a fun, kooky and unique production. We dressed as unconventional conventionalist and danced to the time warp. I had a hell of a time trying to stay awake though. 2 AM fun is proving to me too much for me these days.


I hope you all have a great week filled with gratitude, patience and dancing!

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