CSD: Day 11

Yesterday was Day 11 on the Crazy Sexy Diet (CSD). Everything is becoming much more of a habit, I am finding it much easier to eat clean and have not had too many cravings for anything off the cleanse. One the biggest improvements I have noticed is in my digestion. When I am eating too much junk, I tend to get acid reflux or bloating. I have not experienced either of this issues and feel much lighter.

I started off my day with hot ginger tea, cayenne pepper and lemon.

Around 8 AM, I had my green juice. In this batch was:
• 1 cucumber
• 1 green apple
• 1 lemon
• ½ bunch of cucumber
• a handful of broccoli rabe
• a knob of fresh ginger


I was hungry again around 11 AM. I warmed up my lunch and dug in. I had leftover vegetable soup & a piece of Ezekiel bread toast + smashed avocado & a sprinkle of sea salt. This kept me full most of the afternoon. I did have a handful of almonds around 3 PM (not pictured) to power me through my afternoon run.


I had a meeting to attend right after work, I knew the half hour commute home could sacrifice my daylight (and give me time to talk myself out of it), so I brought my clothes to change and started running as soon as my meeting was over. I do not often run in the area where I work, because there are massive HILLS. There is no escaping them, but, hills are good for me, so I may need to do it more often. I did 3 miles, I am very slowly building my mileage again, very slowly.


By the time I got home, I was pretty hungry. I have another economical, fast and delicious dinner to share with you. This was the perfect meal to whip up quickly, but still nutritiously.

I warmed up 1 can each of Amy’s French Country Vegetable & Chunky Vegetable soup. ($2.99/ea.) My Love sauteed us up some brussel sprouts ($2.29), we topped everything off with fresh, cracked black pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice and red pepper flakes and dinner was ready in minutes. This dinner cost $5.28 and fed 3 people.


I have a recipe for dinner tonight that I am really looking forward to and am excited to share here! Is it sad that the things I look forward to most in my day, are my meals?

One thought on “CSD: Day 11

  1. It’s not sad at all that you look forward to your meals…I do as well. Right now I’m seriously craving quinoa so that will have to be on the meal plan for next week. This week and last featured a lot of lentils (I have lots of lentil recipes if you ever need a new idea). I wish I liked avocado or brussel sprouts.

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