CSD: Day 17

Yesterday was another huge prep day. I tried out 3 new recipes this week and will be sharing them here in the next few days.

I was fortunate enough to have the day off, so I was able to take a yoga class during the day. It was a treat to spend 90 minutes in the hot studio, connecting my breath with my movements.


After a quick Trader Joe’s trip, I was famished and made up some quick sandwiches. These had: veganaise, dijon mustard, savory tofu, spinach, tomatoes and avocado.


Desert was an orange and a few dried figs


I then started my prep for the week. As mentioned before, I tried 3 new recipes. New recipes always take longer for me to cook, as I keep having to go back to read directions and ingredient lists. The one for sure thing I know I made was a mess.


I did some juicing for the next few days. In the first batch; 4 apples, 4 beets, 1 bunch of carrots and ginger.


The next batch contained; 4 peeled oranges, 2 cucumbers, 1 batch of celery, ginger and spinach.


Dinner was my first homemade attempt at vegan pad thai. I have tried this once or twice before, and have yet to master restaurant quality pad thai. This was my best batch yet, but I still was not thrilled with the sauce. I wish it had been more flavorful. I did love the way the tofu came out, though. I cooked it in peanut oil, which gave it a nice, nutty flavor. The recipe I used is here.


I am spending the rest of my evening at my local coffee shop Augie’s, catching up on my Google reader, with a hot drink and listening to live jazz!


3 thoughts on “CSD: Day 17

  1. I noticed that you juiced for a few days and stored them in jars. Can you tell me more about this? Does it loose any nutrients this way? I will be juicing for both my husband and for me. He has to be at work early some mornings, and since we live in a tiny house, it would be great for him to just be able to grab a juice and go instead of juicing and waking the girls up. Thanks!!

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