CSD: Day 21

Today is the last day of the Crazy Sexy Diet. I hope to have a full recap up for you sometime next week, but I will currently say that I feel amazing and I am really not wanting to go back to eating junk. I truly hope to keep up this way of living/eating as much as possible.

However, this weekend, I may have a drink or two, because I am going to see Lady Gaga in Las Vegas! Paws up, Little Monsters!

I have two new meals to share with you. These were both taster recipes for Joni Newman’s  new cookbook.

The first is Chinese Style Macaroni Salad. The key ingredient in the recipe is the Sweet Chili Sauce. It really makes the dish stand out and gives it a kick. There is a nice POP from the fresh veggies (green beans & snap peas, especially) and some added crunch from the cashews & carrots.

However, I used a gluten-free brand of pasta that I never have tried before (I have had pretty good luck with other brands). My fellow taster said of the dish, “I like everything but the pasta.” It could have been the brand, it could have been that I cooked it too much or little, either way, I agree it would have tasted better with a different pasta. This is still an amazing recipe.

I served it on the side of Tofurky sandwiches. It was a nice twist on picnic food.


The next dish I made with the same Sweet Chili sauce is grilled tofu. I marinated the tofu in the sauce overnight, and served it up with brussel sprouts and mashed sweet potatoes. We ate most of these while we waited for the potatoes to finish.


8415869374_ac5e676649_o 8414775415_75cde5ebeb_o

The tofu was great! The tofu marinade was a great mix of savory and sweet, grilling gave it nice, smoky flavor and the texture was just crunchy enough.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Check back next week for a full re-cap of the cleanse.

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