Crazy Sexy Diet: A Recap

I finished round 2 of the CSD on Friday, 1/25. I have to say that it was much easier the second time around.

On round 1, I gave up coffee for the first time and I was transitioning back to veganism after eating dairy again for about 3 years. I did not go back to either after round 1, so it was easier to jump into the cleanse.

To recap, my original goals are listed below and I made comments in bold as to how I did:

  • Abstain from coffee (I have not had coffee or soda since 8/13/12)-Still coffee and soda free!
  • Abstain from all alcohol-DONE! This was only difficult on the weekends, but I managed to stay alcohol free all 21 days.
  • Abstain from ALL animal products-DONE!
  • Eat minimum gluten (only have whole, sprouted grain products)-The few times I had gluten, it was usually Ezekiel bread. There was one week when I shopped at Fresh & Easy and I did not find Ezekiel bread there, so I bought whole wheat bread. I think I ate 2 sandwiches from it.
  • Abstain from sugar (I need to do a better job of reading the ingredients on EVERYTHING. It’s amazing how many products have sugar hidden in their lists.) I was a lot better at checking my ingredients and I made most meals from scratch, so I knew there was not added sugar. I did mess up twice though. Once, was at a birthday party where they had vegan, gluten-free cookies. Well, I couldn’t be rude, could I? I ended up having 3 and they were delicious. The other time was when we ate at Native Foods, and I ate an amazing dessert. I regret neither discrepancy.
  • Dry brush everyday (cleanse off dead skin cells that contain released toxins)-Sometimes I forgot to dry brush until I was already in the shower, so I just slathered my shower gel on the brush and used it that way. I noticed my skin is a lot smoother.
  • MOVE for at least 30 minutes each day. Even if it’s a 30 minute walk with my dogs, I need to get in some form of exercise each day.-I managed to do this all but twice. The first time was the day after watching the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I only slept a few hours that night and was a zombie the next day. The other time was Day 19. I was extra tired when I got home from work, sore from previous workouts and mentally worn out. I took the day off, got some much needed rest and feel asleep around 6:30 PM, no joke.
  • I am also going to add in yoga or meditation each day. Even if it is for only 15 minutes. It helps set up my day with positive intentions.-DONE. If I did not go to yoga class, I meditated in the morning, some days, I did both.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours every night.-I accomplished this every night except for The Rocky Horror Picture showing. Sleep comes very easy to me, probably too easy.

Other observations:

  • My energy increased around day 3 or 4, and stayed pretty high through the 21 days.
  • My skin started looking much clearer and brighter around day 7. My skin always show the effects of how I eat. If I have been eating fatty, fried food or drinking a lot of alcohol, my skin starts look sallow and dry. Even with the “cold spell” we had in Southern California (which is completely laughable to the rest of the country), my skin did not dry out.
  • My digestion greatly improved.
  • I lost 6 pounds.
  • I feel lighter and “cleaner”. I do not feel weighed down or heavy. I noticed the difference during yoga and while running. I was able to move better and it was easier to get myself motivated for these activities.
  • I do not think I have a gluten sensitivity, but I did find that I enjoy many gluten-free products. I liked quinoa and brown rice past and felt they digested easier.
  • I really liked starting on a Saturday. Usually, I start new routines on Mondays, but I wanted to ease into this before the beginning of the week. By the time Monday came around, I was already adjusted to the cleanse.

Things I missed:

  • Alcohol. I missed pairing it with certain foods. I love a cold beer with my tacos and a glass of wine with my Italian food. The hardest times where on the weekends, I am in the habit of unwinding from the week by going out to eat and having a drink.
  • Chocolate. Giving up sugar was not too difficult. I am not huge on sweets and can usually take or leave them. However, I do like a small piece of dark chocolate, after dinner. I missed my rich, dark chocolate square.

What now?

I really want to try to keep up with clean eating. I am hoping to not re-introduce too much processed or fried foods, those things should be kept more as small indulgences, not everyday occurrences.

I feel the same about alcohol. I hope to drink more infrequently and not just because “it’s the weekend.” I feel a lot better without it and taking a yoga class or going for a walk is a much healthier way to unwind.

Yoga and meditation will still play apart of my everyday life, I hope to still be able to do at least one, each day.

My goal is to make the “cleanse rules” more of my regular, day to day choices. I may eat chocolate and have a glass of wine, but I want those choices to be in moderation. I want my norm to be more of the healthier choices that leave me feeling better, both inside and out.

Please let me know if there are still other questions you have about the CSD. I hope I gave a comprehensive re-cap, but let me know if there was anything I left out. Peace, harmony and tree poses!

6 thoughts on “Crazy Sexy Diet: A Recap

  1. Good for you! 21 days seems like a long time to be so dedicated to a cleanse, but once you start to feel the positive effects I bet the time starts to go faster! I’ll be interested to hear (read!) about how the changes stay with you now that the official cleanse is over.

  2. It is great hearing about this clean living diet! This is basically the lifestyle I follow and certainly can feel the difference! It is amazing what good food can do =-)

  3. You had an amazing month of eating healthy, good job! I’m sure that after realizing how great you feel, you’ll stick to the healthier habits. It’s important not to slip up too much, because then it becomes easier and easier to forget about those good feelings. I should really take my own advice, and have actually started being more careful and trying to remember how much I love eating well.

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