Post CSD thoughts

It has been a little over 1 week since the Crazy Sexy Diet (CSD) has been over.

I have managed to more or less, stick with the same way of eating. I cooked the same and packed similar lunches. I was able to still fit in exercise each day, except for Sundays.

Since I was away all weekend, I did not have time to do my usual prep. I did not have any fresh, veggie juice all week and instead had mostly fruit smoothies. I did not feel the same amount of energy that I usually get from juicing and I am definitely looking forward to getting more greens in this week.

I did have alcohol in Las Vegas, while at the Lady Gaga concert (which was super fun!), I did not get too out of control, but I definitely felt the difference the next day.


  stage of Born this Way Ball

I made a few new recipes for this week. The first two are tester recipes for Joni Newman’s  new recipe book.

Guys, this book is going to rock. The recipes I have seen so far are so creative, diverse and packed with flavor. I love all the pungent spices and the fusing of culture specific foods for  innovative and fun dishes.

First up, I made a miso mustard cheese sauce. This was surprisingly simple to make and the stand out star of the next two dishes.

Next, I made these AMAZING “Notchows”. The best way to describe them is Chinese-style nachos. I used some similar ingredients for a Chinese stir-fry (broccoli, corn, onion, etc.) along with black beans over chips, and bound together with the miso mustard cheese sauce. I topped it off with fresh cut cilantro, avocado and sriracha. I do not have enough adjectives for how good this was. It felt like I was eating junk food, but all the veggies packed in the nutrients. It was packed with flavor and each bite had a fresh, original pop. This is one of those dishes you serve up to omnivores to showcase how amazing vegan fare can be.


I then used the same miso mustard sauce to make a macaroni and “cheese” dish. I used penne pasta and baked it in the oven with breadcrumbs and roasted red peppers.

This dish was another winner. The only thing I wished was I had more sauce to top it off with and boost the creaminess factor. It would probably also taste amazing topped with fresh ribbons of basil.


Last up was this recipe for “A Soup that Heals”. This soup was wonderfully synergistic and packed with power. It tastes like it is flooding your body with good health and wellness. I also added in chopped bok choy for more veggie power. I plan to eat this for lunch a few days this week.


Does anyone else make big dishes to portion out for the week? I am always looking for new ideas. Please comment below if you have any to share!

Peace, healing and health

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