Half-Marathon Training Plan

I am now training for the Run Through Redlands Half-Marathon on April 21st. I have run this race 4 years in a row now, it is important to me to support my local race and run this as my 5th year.

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I am ready to start a training program and put my focus back on running. I know this time around, my attention needs to also be on the restorative process to counteract negative impacts of running. In the past while training, my main objective has been to been to push myself to run faster and longer, that got me to finish 9 marathons, but it also got me foot, ankle and knee pain.

I am slowly building up my miles and getting used to running again. I am running 6 miles this weekend. I plan to do my long runs on Saturdays. My training plans for the next few weeks is as follows:

  • 2/9- 6 miles
  • 2/16- 7 miles
  • 2/23- 8 miles
  • 3/2- 9 miles
  • 3/9- 10 miles
  • 3/16- 11 miles
  • 3/23- 8 miles
  • 3/30- 12-13 miles
  • 4/6- 8 miles
  • 4/13- 6 miles

Along with my long runs, I am also setting the goal of completing:

  • 2 short runs during the week (3-5 miles)
  • 3 or more days of yoga
  • 2 days of strength training
  • stretch after each run (I am really bad about this. I know I should be stretching and I feel better when I do, but generally, I just want to shower and eat.)
  • ice after runs when I experience pain (this is another thing I hate taking the time to do)

These goals are probably more important than the long runs, themselves. I know that I need to do these things along side with running, or else I could exacerbate injuries or even worse, create new ones.

Any words of advice or encouragement are appreciated. I feel like I am starting from the beginning again with running.

Anyone else training for a half-marathon? Let’s cheer each other on!

11 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Training Plan

  1. “…but generally, I just want to shower and eat.” This is my problem exactly! I don’t have any great advice except to maybe have a little snack handy that you can eat while you stretch? I’m not training for a half but I will start training again for another Tough Mudder at some point (don’t know which one yet and don’t know when). So basically a half-marathon with a bunch of obstacles along the way.

      • In a way it is but somehow it wasn’t as bad as I expected. If you can run a half-marathon and are in reasonably good shape you can do it. I can’t run a half-marathon (well, I could perhaps but it would take me a long time) but I still did it. Really, like any such event, most of the challenge is mental.

  2. Yes! I have advice for the icing – try getting a bendable/reuseable ice pack with velcro that you just stick in the freezer (like this one: http://www.walmart.com/ip/19525521?wmlspartner=wlpa&adid=22222222227000000000&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=&wl3=21486607510&wl4=&wl5=pla&veh=sem)

    It’s not leaky, messy, and takes no time to prepare, AND you can just put it on while you drive to work or watch t.v. or eat…. 🙂 Makes “taking the time to ice” bearable for me! And those things get COLD if you leave them in the freezer full time. Good luck!

  3. I just found your blog through Luis. I was really happy because the timing is just perfect as I am also starting training for the SF half marathon. I got really excited when I saw that you are training for a California marathon series race, which is something that we are trying to do this year, so I would be.really interested to see how the Redlands race goes for you. That, and I hope that following your training might motivate me to follow through with mine too 🙂

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