Weekend Links

This post is inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. She regularly posts her favorite links from the week. I have found a few new favorite blogs and articles this way. I hope you enjoy some of these posts, as well.

1. Oh Dizzle posted what was definitely my favorite thing I read all week. Check out her Bookish Memories.

2. I enjoyed Mourning Goats interview with Cheryl Strayed.

3. I love reading Carrie’s food journal posts and getting new recipe ideas.

4.  Check out these tips to turn a bad day around from Tiny Buddha.

5. Our Hen House wrote an interesting post on the Church of Veganism.

6. This is one of my favorite Tumblr’s. The images of outdoor and simple living make my heart do somersaults. Check out A Well Traveled Woman.

7. As I finish off the last year of my 20s, I found this article interesting: 5 things I would say to my 30 year old self.

8. The Pacific Trail Association announced it’s 2012 Photo Contest Winners. It is a lofty goal of mine to one day hike the whole trail, so I relished some of these gorgeous pictures.

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