Shanghai: The Sights

Hi friends! I am back from my amazing trip to Shanghai. I took over 500 pictures during my weeklong stay (don’t worry, I am not going to inundate you with all that). I do have a couple of posts lined up this week to recap my trip.
My bestie was a great tour guide. He planned out the week to give us a good feel of the entire city and experience as much of it as possible.
Shanghai is a beautiful city. It is big, frantic, fast-moving and reminded me a lot of New York City.
The skyscrapers are staggeringly tall and impressive. We had a vast view of the city from several points.

We went to Captain’s Bar one night and had a gorgeous view of the city!

100_0649 100_0648
Another day, we had tea on the 52nd floor of the Ritz Carlton. This overlooked the river and many historical sites.

Besides the staggering postcard images of the city, there was also so much to take in as far as culture, diversity and overall kookiness.

One of my favorite days was exploring Tianzifang, a quirky art district. We visited a few galleries and met some artists that were presently working.


One day we ventured to the outskirts of the city to visit Zhujiajiao, an older water city about 1 hour’s bus ride away.

100_0784 100_0787 100_0789 100_0794

Zhujiajiao was calm and peaceful, a nice change from the noise of the main city. We sat for some time on this bridge to meditate and talk.

IMG_1066 IMG_1067 100_0792

Nanjing Road was another favorite spot. The nightlife was so vibrant and energetic. There are tons of bars, restaurants and shopping spots. I REALLY enjoyed watching the Chinese gather here to either dance or sing collectively.

100_0815 100_0814
Even though the city is fast, loud and bustling, we still found plenty of places to have meaningful conversations. We had so much to catch up on and there is something about traveling that inspires philosophical thought and discovery.
Next up: Shanghai; The Food

10 thoughts on “Shanghai: The Sights

  1. Nice tree pose Angie! But it looks like your foot in on your knee?!!?
    Beautiful….just beautiful!!! Although the coastal pics remind me of Vancouver lol!

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