Shanghai: The Food

It was not too difficult to find vegetarian options around Shanghai. My friend had done some research ahead of time and had a few places in mind to take us.

All over the city, there are street vendors. I did try some of the fried tofu the first day I was there. It was a little too greasy for me, but the spices on it were delicious.


Our favorite restaurant was Vegetarian Delight. We went back a few times throughout the week. The menu was massive and I wanted to try everything.  My absolute favorite dish was the vegetable dumplings.


We also had green beans, chow mein,  Szechuan soup, spicy tofu, eggplant and much more. The food did not stand a chance against us.

IMG_1032 IMG_0991 IMG_1089 IMG_1034 IMG_1086 IMG_0985 IMG_0986 100_0756

Another of my favorite spots was ShabuShabu. They served hot pot soup. You start off by choosing your broth (we choose vegetable miso and my friend choose beef), then you pick your toppings. We loaded up on greens, spices, noodles, tofu and mushrooms. This was flavorful and loaded with nutrients.

IMG_1122 IMG_1123 IMG_1124 IMG_1125

There was plenty of things I steered clear away from. Like this shrimp Lay’s, ick:


There was plenty of Western fast food places that we stayed away from, as well. Such as Hooters, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s:

100_0594 100_0595 100_0597

Another thing I had NO desire to eat was stinky tofu. Stinky tofu is a fermented tofu that literally has mold growing all over it. I am sorry I did not get a better picture of it, this was where it was sold and this was as close as I could get with gagging:


Shanghai was not the easiest place to eat animal free, but it was manageable. At least by eating cruelty-free I did not have to worry about diseased meat from the river. Yikes.

Next up: Shanghi; The Temples

3 thoughts on “Shanghai: The Food

  1. The food sounds and looks amazing. I love being able to learn about a new culture directly from the kinds of food they eat. I try and avoid American food while I’m away, although if I get home sick it’s nice to go back to it!

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