Book Chat 3.4.13 Children’s Books

Today’s Book Chat topic is Children’s Books. I am going to discuss the portion of the prompt that asks “What did you love to read as a kid?”

childrensbooks_zps0874a2c5Like most young girls in the 90s, I was completely obsessed with The Baby-Sitters Clubbsc


 This was the first series I was hooked on. I would visit as many libraries as my mom would take me to, to try and find the missing books I had not yet read. I would beg to be allowed to go to the bookstore when my mom would go to the mall and I would stay there the whole time she shopped to read.

I loved how distinct each character was and the descriptions given about their background. I was wrapped up in the connections the characters had to one another and I was eager to read each plot line. The books were filled with adolescent drama and sticky situations that I could not wait to see unfold.

I think Claudia was one of my favorite characters. I looked forward to finding out what crazy outfit she was wearing and what antics she was up to. I also loved Jessi’s character. I admired her ballet dancing abilities and ability to overcome adversity.

If you were a fan of the BCS, you will probably love the blog What Claudia Wore as much as I do.

Were you a BCS fan? Was there a favorite series you had growing up?

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