Vegan Junk Food

Let’s be honest. I do what I can to eat whole, unprocessed and nutrient rich foods, most of the time.

But, I still have my days.

I want to share some of my favorite establishments to frequent when I do not feel like cooking, and when I am craving something more fatty and satisfying.

1. Johnny’s Taco-I came across this sport’s bar by chance and it is not the type of place I would normally frequent. There are a few different games on throughout the bar and people come here to loudly cheer on their team and make obnoxious comments. Not my kind of scene.

I was astonished to find “soy tacos” on the menu and even more surprised to find out they were delicious. They serve street style tacos and have the option to order with soy meat, add avocado on it and it is a small slice of heaven. My record number of tacos eaten in 1 sitting is 8.


To make things even better, they serve my favorite beer on tap and offer free chips and salsa. There is not much more I can ask for in life.

8632789420_096bc01d49_o 8631685069_b7a120586c_o

2. Cheezy Pizza-This place is in my hometown, right up the street from my mom’s house. Not many people know what a vegan is in this city, so I was surprised to see a pizza place that advertised they sold vegan pizza.

I had been meaning to go in and try  it out for years, each time I visited my mom. One day I was over her house and about to head home, I did not feel like cooking, so I decided to finally stop in. I figured I would be able to get the “cheese” pizza they offered and call it a night.

I was shocked when I went in, and saw they had a whole vegan menu. They have an amazing, diverse selection.

Hands down, the jalapeno poppers are the best. This picture does them no justice. They are the perfect balance of spicy and creamy.


Some of my favorite pizzas are the soyrizo with jalapenos and “chicken” alfredo.

8609447083_e99b3fe722_o 8609448105_4309713be8_o

This place definitely took me by surprise and I am still working on trying everything on the vegan menu.

3. Haybird’s hot dog standI have talked about Haybird’s stand before, but I could not leave it out when talking about my favorite treats.

For reasons beyond my control or understanding, hot dogs are the one of the only foods I ever crave from my meat eating days. (The other, equally as disgusting, is Hamburger Helper.)

A visit to Haybird’s stand fixes that craving immediately. He has tons of fixings to load on the flavor and texture.

DSCN7927 DSCN7935

What are your favorite junk foods?

7 thoughts on “Vegan Junk Food

  1. haha! I am semi-happy I moved away from the area, because this taco place sounds exactly like my scene 🙂 my favorite junk food is potato chips. each and every time.

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