Book Chat 4.11.13 Books Set in Europe

Today’s Book Chat topic is books set in Europe.


I love books that take you somewhere else and makes you feel as though you are getting a tour through a place you have never been before. Books set in Europe are particularly swoon worthy for me, since there is still so much of Europe that I want to see.

The first book that came to mind when I read the prompt for this week was Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown. As far as plot goes, this is not one of my favorite books, but I felt Dan Brown did a great job of giving the readers a tour around Vatican City.


In the book, the protagonist, Robert Langdon is attempting to re-trace the Path to Illumination, this takes the reader to various landmarks around Rome. The reader gets a good overview of Vatican city, especially St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s square, not to mention portions of the Vatican itself. I was eager to see where the path would take the reader next. Brown describes, in great detail, some of the historical and religious highlights of these sights. It definitely increased my desire to go to Rome and see those amazing places in person. Hopefully in summer 2014!



What book has taken you on a tour?

5 thoughts on “Book Chat 4.11.13 Books Set in Europe

    • That’s what I love about The Book Chat! I have seen so many good books either to-read, or that I have read and forgot that they were in fact, set in Europe.

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