April Reads

book-delirium1.    Delirium– This is the first book in the Delirium series and I was excited to dive in. I heard so many good things and I am always looking for a new series to follow. The story pulled me in right away. It is set in a dystopian society where when you turn of age, you are “cured” of love and the live the rest of your life in the absence of it. I enjoyed the main character’s evolution through the book and I immediately started the second, to see what happens.
book-pandemonium2.     Pandemonium– This was my favorite in the series. Many times the second book of a trilogy falls flat or is just build up for the ending, however, this book stood great alone. It was action packed and it was interesting to read all about life, in a bit of a different setting.
book-requiem3.     Requiem– The last book in series can make or break the tone of the story.  I was happy where this story went and enjoyed hearing from other character’s perspectives. From reading other reviews, I know not everyone has been happy with the ending, but I thought it was fitting and was really pleased with the whole series. I definitely recommend checking it out.
nrolfw4.     New Rules of Lifting for Women-This book is a guide to strength training for women. Although I did not really care for the nutrition portion (it was not very supportive for vegans or vegetarians), the explanation of the importance of training for women was informative and helpful. I appreciated the author’s explanation of anatomy and the interconnectedness of the body. It made a lot more sense to me why I have experienced some of the injuries from running and only further convinces me of the importance of lifting (even though I loathe it!). There are 6 different stages of workouts. I started stage 1 last week and am liking it so far. I plan to blog more about this book as I work my way through it.
pure_j115.     Pure-This was a pick for my YA Book club. It is another dystopian novel with a female protagonist, I just can not get enough of this genre lately. The earth has been split of between the “Dome” and what is left of the earth, or, the area that was effected by the detonation (an atomic blast) and the area where people where protected from it. I found the whole premise interesting and containing many parallels and foreshadowing from current society. The characters were well-developed and likable  However, there were some odd plot movements. There were BIG developments in the plot, but not much explanation or lead up to how it came about. I would even go back and read a few pages, to make sure I did not miss something. I am still debating whether or not to read the second book.
What did you read in April?

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