LA Vegan Beer & Food Fest

Do you have a happy place? Like in Happy Gilmore, when he tries to visualize his ultimate happy place, to relax and therefore, play golf better?



There have been a few places throughout my life, where I feel like I had found my happy place; a beach in Tarifa, Spain as I enjoyed a watermelon mojito and read a great book, a sunny, but brisk afternoon in Napa Valley, as I enjoyed delicious wine and great company. I have one more place to add to this list: The LA Vegan Beer & Food Fest.


I was surrounded by amazing beer, delicious, flavorful food and amazing company.  It was lovely to be in the company of so many like minded individuals.

I had VIP tickets and was able to get access to the festival 1 hour early. I took advantage of the shorter lines and filled up my cup more than once, throughout the hour.


Fireman’s Brew was my first tasting. It was delicious and refreshing. Then I moved on the Big Wig IPA, I love hoppy, earthy beers and this one delivered!


Next was Figueroa Mountain’s Hoppy blend (yum!) and Wahine’s Strawberry Wheat (a little too sweet for me, almost like soda).

8710773631_1ac18924a7_o 8711952368_3a013fd6b2_o

By this time, I was starved and ready for food! I first had a vegan grilled cheese from The Roxy menu:

8711901964_7e50bcc879_o 8711903664_44ff7a6a90_o

I was then ready for more beer! White Dog IPA was flavorful and earthy, Triple Vodoo brewing was up next:

8710784787_9c3ea43bba_o 8711908178_378fbddb1b_o

At this point, I was definitely ready for more food! Seabird’s truck was my favorite of the day. We ordered the beer battered avocado tacos and cheezy potato taquitos. The ingredients tasted fresh and flavorful. The food was crunchy without being greasy.

8710798221_fcbfc2e938_o 8711946726_cd8e632ebe_o

Next up was Golden Road’s Heal the Bay IPA (I love IPAs!)


I was still hungry, so we got Southern Fried Vegan BBQ. We ordered macaroni and cheese and chickun sliders. The flavors were perfectly smoky and rich:

8711964866_6215e10d33_o 8710841269_b9a88bbec9_o

We also ordered some simple, yet flavorful potato chips with sriracha and sweet potato tamales + black bean pupusas:

8710844735_90314d37af_o 8711975336_41a83ee0a1_o 8711977292_acebe03c92_o

Soon enough, the sun, food and beer started lulling me into a coma. I started getting pretty sleepy and was ready to leave. Next year, I will pace myself a little beer.

This was a great event! There were so many amazing vendors that I did not even get to, I am pretty bummed that I did not stop by the Frakenstand. I definitely will have a different game plan for next year, since this will be a new annual event. Until then, cheers!

8710834285_ea033a85f6_o 8710868953_fe995ef0f3_o

3 thoughts on “LA Vegan Beer & Food Fest

  1. I am BEYOND jealous right now! I used to live in LA (long time ago, before I was vegan) but never did anything this fun. I’ve been wanting to plan a visit there, guess I’ll have to wait until next year’s festival 😉

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