Tempeh Bacon

I am pretty skeptical when it comes to fake meats, there is a few I find tasty, but more often than not, I avoid them.

Tempeh is made from culture soy beans. I have had it a few times and my local health food store carries various flavors. I had been reluctant until this point to try the tempeh bacon, but curiosity got the better of me.

The tempeh is seasoned with various spices to give it a rich, smoky taste. I threw it on my indoor grill to bring out the flavors.

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First, I added it to one of my epic veggie dogs. I spread veganaise on the buns, and topped with mustard, ketchup, diced onions & olives and finally, the tempeh bacon. This was an amazing combination!


I wanted to incorporate the leftover bacon into a pasta dish. I made a batch of my vegan alfredo sauce and topped it over some brown rice pasta. I also sauteed some mushrooms, spinach and diced bits of the tempeh bacon in olive oil. This was a great combination. There was a little bit of the smoky taste in each bite, which contrasted well with the creaminess of the sauce.


I will definitely be thinking of more ways to use tempeh bacon!

5 thoughts on “Tempeh Bacon

  1. Fake meats can be good or really, REALLY bad! I pretty much avoid them because they’re so heavily processed with very long ingredient lists. And they’re not very common here unless I shop on post. Glad you found something you like.

      • I sometimes cave and buy the tasty ones even though I know they have all kinds of crap in them. I wish there were more options that taste good but aren’t pure processed junk. If I ever see the one you pictured I’ll be sure to pick it up!

  2. I tend to love all these processed foods, although I don’t indulge too often (or when I do, it’s just a tiny bit)… I know how bad for me they are, but I figure a treat once in a while is ok 🙂

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