The Book Chat 05.16.13 Bookshelves

This week’s topic on The Book Chat is bookshelves. This was a pretty easy topic, since I regularly drool over various bookshelves on Pinterest.


Some of my favorite shelves are the color coded ones. I hope to one day have this much variety, so I can work on color coding. I think it adds a nice tone to the room and gives reading a fun, appealing vibe.


I may not ever make it to the status above, but I also love this idea. It’s color coding on a smaller level, with other objects thrown in the mix.

color d

I love these classics color coded:


The other half of my time on Pinterest is spent ogling bookshelf nooks. I am always in search of the perfect reading space. My mom helped me put together a very charming reading corner, and as the weather warms up, I will take to my outdoor hammock, but I still one day hope to incorporate a nook with shelves built in, or some sort of loft. This one seems pretty realistic by maybe just installing two bookshelves in front of a window:

book shelf nook

Another one that is more on the realistic side to put together:

nook 5

Now I want to leave reality for a minute, and show you what some of my dreams are made of: I could stay in this bath for hours:

bookshelf bath tub

Loft + reading space:

yurt loft

Creative space saver:

nook 3

A big appeal of the book nook/reading space is having my OWN place set aside, when I am here, with my books, I am off limits! However, if there is more than 1 reader in the family, as there is in ours’, this would perfect:

nook 4

This reading spaces would definitely be my ideal happy place, I just love the colors and decor:

nook 6 nook1

What are your favorite types of book shelves?

9 thoughts on “The Book Chat 05.16.13 Bookshelves

  1. I had 2 of the same pictures! The colorful bookshelf and the under the stairs looking nook. I found that colorful bookshelf picture a couple years ago and have wished it was mine ever since! I started looking for colorful hardback books at Goodwill since they’re so cheap there, but I don’t think I’ll ever have a bookshelf room like that unless I win the lottery.

  2. I got all giddy with your music picks. I love that you chose “older” songs and I might me the only one who never got to read The Catcher in the Rye! Gulp.

    Truth is whenever I get myself too, I am having this post on hand!

    The nooks are lovely too – I found this one on Pinterest and I guess you might enjoy it – take a look:

    I mean give me this place and my own in-home-Starbucks and I am happy as a clam :))

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