Book Chat 5.23.13 Favorite Historical Era or War-themed book

This week’s topic on The Book Chat is your favorite historical era or war themed book. The first two books (and eagerly awaited third) of The Century Trilogy are my favorite war themed works of historical fiction.


The books follow the stories from different families all over the world, (England both upper and lower class, American, Russian, German, etc.) throughout World War I & II.

I quickly became attached to the characters and interested to see where the story took their paths. Follett does an amazing job of portraying how the wars had some sort of effect on everyone, no matter where they came from.

The books jump to different stories about the varied characters and families. I normally dislike this and start getting confused, but Follet seamlessly transitions the reader and has everything tie together in the end.

Follet also paints a great picture of this particular historical era. He addresses the political, social, economical and psychological climate of the times and gives the reader a great perspective of what it may have been like to live through such a volatile era.

I am a huge fan of historical fiction and character development. These books are packed with both and I am definitely eager to get my hands on the last installment

fog wow

Do you have a favorite war themed or historical era book?

6 thoughts on “Book Chat 5.23.13 Favorite Historical Era or War-themed book

  1. Ken Follet is great! I haven’t read those two, but he is so amazing at historical fiction! My favorite historical era is the 19th century, especially if it’s in England!

  2. Haven’t read any Ken Follet…yet. I’ll get there eventually 🙂 I did just receive Naked Lunch based on your blog about it and since it’s a long weekend I might spend mine being traumatized by it 😀

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