Vegan Taco Party

Summer is officially here! I am fortunate enough to work for the public school system, and am now enjoying the next few months off of work. This definitely called for a celebration. I called upon the powers of Terry Hope Romero, via Viva Vegan and this month’s issue of Veg News, to throw a taco party.


Terry was a contributor to the current issue of Veg News, and I made her recipe for crispy potato tacos, with queso (tofu) fresco and tomatillo sauce (I actually ended up pouring the tomatillo sauce over the black beans, for added heat and flavor), along with her cilantro lime rice, from Viva Vegan.


I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the potatoes, but they were spicy and crispy, without being too greasy. They went fast and even my omnivorous friends enjoyed.


The rice was flavorful and fluffy. The cilantro and lime add a nice element and transform it into a legitimate side dish instead of a boring afterthought.


Taco fixings

8932034807_1891295eed_o 8932042271_0a71cc17bc_o

Queso fresco


Chips and salsa


The mojito station


My favorite brewery’s seasonal release


You can never go wrong with tacos and beer!


6 thoughts on “Vegan Taco Party

  1. I have to say, you have inspired me to eat more vegan things! I’m looking forward to making vegan ceviche. I do have to ask though, what makes Hangar 24 your favorite brewery? My husband doesn’t think they’re that good, so it intrigues me that you like them. He is getting into really hoppy beers though, which is SO NOT my cup of tea, so I was curious. He loves Great Basin for reference.

    • Let me know what you think of the vegan ceviche!

      I am pretty into hoppy beers, but my favorite beer from Hangar is their Orange Wheat, which is much lighter. I think it is really fresh tasting, without being too fruity or sweet. I have had the beer straight from the brewery many times and it is always better tasting there.

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