Vacation Prep-Emptying out the Fridge

I did the best I could, to empty out our fridge before leaving for vacation and minimizing waste.

I started off with making “quesadillas” out of Trader Joe’s brown rice wraps, vegan cheese, tomato, spinach and a spread of Veganaise mixed with sriracha and lime.


We had a whole bowl of sliced limes left from our Vegan Taco Party, so I made a quick dressing with limes, lemons, olive oil, rice vinegar and Tajin seasoning.


I poured this on top of fresh cucumbers, green beans, cherry tomatoes, radishes and sliced yellow bell peppers.


These veggies were all so beautiful, I could not stand to let them go to waste!

I absolutely hate throwing food away, so I am hoping I got most of the perishables out of the fridge before our trips.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Prep-Emptying out the Fridge

  1. OMG I love Tajin! Although I’ve only put it on fruit – I’m sure it’s just as yummy on veggies. Speaking of which, I need a new bottle… or 4! They don’t have good stuff like that in the boonies. Have fun on vacation!!

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