The Book Chat 6.27.13-The Great Outdoors

This week’s topic on The Book Chat is The Great Outdoors.

I love books that are set in the outdoors. I enjoy camping, hiking, back packing, etc. and enjoy reading anything of that nature.

One of my favorite books set in the outdoors, is Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster by Jon Krakauer.

200px-Into_Thin_Air I am a pretty big fan of Krakauer, I especially enjoyed Into the Wild and looked into his other works. Into Thin Air tells the story of when Krakauer climbed Mt. Everest as a member of a team. A storm erupts during the expedition, and 8 people ended up dying and left many more stranded.

I actually read this book during my 1st backpacking trip, which may not have been the best idea. The book was incredibly suspenseful and terrifying. It is definitely about a trip that has gone way wrong, and the first time I ventured off into the wilderness, may not have been the best time to read this book.

However, I still highly recommend this book. It gives a first hand account of what it is like to climb Mt. Everest, and also discusses some of the historical and social implications associated with this phenomenon. 

What is your favorite book set in the outdoors?

6 thoughts on “The Book Chat 6.27.13-The Great Outdoors

  1. I am most definiltely NOT an outdoorsy type. I don’t like camping or hiking, etc. I would never dream of climbing a mountain or putting myself in any of the crazy situations associated with climbing Everest. But when a trusted reading friend handed me this book, I dived in. And I was HOOKED. Amazing book, completely riveting and fascinating. Since reading it, I’ve read at least five other related mountaineering books because it just grabbed my interest so thoroughly.

  2. I just read (while sitting in Malaga!) an article in Nat Geo about climbing Everest and the problems now that so many people are doing it. I haven’t read this book but I’ll have to now.

      • It’s in the latest that I have but with the sometimes slow-ness of getting mail here I might be a month or so behind. Malaga was amazing! You have to go there and the B&B was fantastic! I’m already ready to go back!!

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