Yoga Teacher Training

Last week, I started my 200 hour RYS teacher training at my home yoga studio, Inner Evolution Yoga.

I have tossed the idea around of doing a teacher training for about one year now. I had done some research and was mostly finding teacher trainings that were about an hour away from my home, and at studios I had never set foot in.

When my yoga studio announced they would be holding a teacher training, I was immediately interested. I definitely felt more comfortable being trained by teachers I already knew, honored and respected.

It is not my goal to immediately become a yoga teacher. I know that opportunity will present itself, when and if the time is ever right. My interest in completing this teacher training is to saturate myself in yoga. I want to learn all I possibly can in these next 10 weeks, I hope to deepen my practice and learn to not just do yoga, but live yoga. I am hoping that yoga stays with me long after I roll up my yoga mat and transcends into all areas of my life.

The first few classes have gone really well and I am excited about what the next 10 weeks will contain. Some requirements that I will be completing that I am especially stoked about are: keeping a daily gratitude journal, doing a minimum of 20 minutes of yoga per day, meditating a minimum of 20 minutes per day, etc. 

On Saturdays, we begin the training with about 45 minutes of meditation, followed by 90 minutes of asana practice. I was nervous about meditating for this long. The longest I have ever meditated for, on my own, is about 20 minutes. However, I was surprised by how fast the 45 minutes passed and how amazing I felt afterwards. I easily transitioned into the group class and immediately fell into a flow that felt like a continuation of my meditation.


Saturday, we also completed 2 hours of the “Discipline of Silence”. We could not talk during this time, or create “excess noise.” This could mean no emailing, social media, texting, etc. I thought this would be easy for me, but it was harder than I thought to not talk for two hours. It definitely made me hyper aware of all the noise around me and how difficult it was to not have any form of communication, even for a short amount of time.

There is so much I am looking forward to in these next 10 weeks. Although I know I will be pushed out of my comfort zone and confronted with things that may be difficult, I will get a lot out of this. I am not expecting to be able to do every kind of inversion pose or be able to recite every sutra, but I am expecting to have a better awareness of yoga and how it can benefit my life.

Wish me luck on this journey and any words of wisdom are definitely appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training

  1. I’m a bit envious! I have my group fitness instructor certification and I love teaching classes at the gym but I don’t even have a yoga space here let alone an opportunity to go through teacher training (although I hope to have both wherever I land next). So I wish you much strength and inner peace and joy and happiness on this journey!

  2. how exciting!! I like yoga, but i get really nervous about the meditation part…mostly becasue i don’t want to get so relaxed that i fall asleep hahahha. I am thinking about maybe trying for my Pure Barre teacher certificate…I’m scared to do so because i’m not super fitness person

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