3 Day Juice Cleanse-Day 1 (Real Raw Live)

I gathered my courage and decided to try a 3 day juice cleanse to kick off this round of the Crazy Sexy Diet. I went the lazy, and oh so convenient route, and ordered a 3 day juice cleanse series from my local raw juice bar, Real Raw Live.

This is a fairly new establishment, but I have been nothing but impressed with their selection of fresh juices and smoothies.

According to the brochure description, the 3 day cleanse comes with; 2 Organic Greens, 2 Organic Roots, 1 Organic Fat Burning Lemonade or Blueberryade and 1 Organic Raw Smoothie. You pick up your set of juices fresh each morning and are set for the day.

I picked up my juices first thing Friday morning. Real Raw Live opens at 6 AM during the week (and 8 AM on Saturdays, which I learned the hard way).

The juices were ready for me when I arrived, only the smoothie had to be blended.

The juices have numbers on top of them, and are supposed to be drunk in a certain order. As you can see from below, I had 3 #3s the first day and was confused by this, so I just drank them in the order I chose.


8:30 AM-I started with the Fat Burning Blueberryade (Secret recipe of organic anti-oxidant powder, organic whole lime and filtered water). This tasted like water with a hint of blueberry, very fresh and energizing.


11:30-This was my first day back at work after my summer break. After a few morning meetings, I braved the task of organizing my desk and chugged down the Forever Green (organic kale, celery, green apple, cilantro, lemon). I was pretty hungry by this point, and it was satisfying, for the time being.

9430395261_c7fd74c74d_o 3:30-When I got home from work I was pretty famished. This was one of the hardest parts of the day, because my routine is to have something to eat when I get home, or start dinner. I started folding laundry instead and sipped the Mental Bee Sting (organic carrot, pineapple, lime and ginger). I felt pretty wiped out at this point. My energy was pretty low and all I wanted was a sandwich and a nap. However, I had yoga class and teacher training from 5:00-9:30, so I had to muster the energy to be on my way. My energy was low at the beginning of my hot vinyasa flow class, the studio felt particularly hot and I felt a little light headed at one point in class. I am not sure if this was from being tired, hot or detoxing. It was nothing too bad though, and I finished class strong.

9433170386_c4887af6de_o 6:30-As soon as class was over, I gulped down my smoothie. I saved this especially for after class, I thought I may want something more hearty after exerting more energy. This was the Berry Grounding smoothie (sprouted organic buckwheat, mixed berries, organic banana, organic spirulina, blended with organic date water and ice.) It was delicious and refreshing! I will definitely order this again. It helped rejuvenate me after class.

9430397641_37906bbf4a_o 9:30-After teacher training, I drank Liquid Lunch Box on my way home (organic carrot, green apple, beet, kale, lemon and ginger). This was another favorite! I always love beet added to juices and smoothies, plus the lemon and ginger added a spicy kick.

I mistakenly thought this was my last one of the day, but I was happy to find out I had one more waiting. I chugged down another Forever Green (organic kale, celery, green apple, cilantro, lemon) once I was home. This was green and earthy tasting, I loved it!

9433304250_7e5ff2f653_oFinal thoughts on Day 1: I liked this better than the 2 day juice cleanse I had done, I did previously. The obvious reason being, I did not have to juice myself or have any mess to clean up. The other reason being I felt like I had more juice and was drinking them intermittently throughout the day. I did not go hungry very long, because there was enough juice to last me through the day. My energy was pretty low towards the end of the day, but not too bad. At this point, I felt I could pretty easily do 2 more days of this….


Check back for Day 2 & 3 recaps

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