Crazy Sexy Diet: One Year Later

One year ago today, I started the Crazy Sexy Diet (CSD) for the first time., I had recently come back from almost one month in Europe. I had the adventure of my life, thus far and I lived it up each day through Southern Spain, Portugal and one day in Morrocco, eating cheese and drinking delicious wine and beer.

I definitely needed a detox.


This first cleanse set me on a path to being so much more mindful of my health. I completely gave up coffee and soda, which, up to that point, was SO incredibly unheard of for me! You can read all about that here.

I started the transition from vegetarian to vegan. I begin meditating and doing yoga on a much more consistent basis. I begin to make choices that were much more healthy for body, soul and mind. I have been far from perfect, but this past year I feel I have made progress towards being kinder and more nourishing to myself.

The first round of the CSD was really spurred by last year’s annual physical, in which my Dr. told me I had high blood pressure and begin talking about putting me on medication. This was definitely a wake up call for me. There was no way I was going to start medication, until I had exhausted all avenues of first of controlling my blood pressure by my diet and exercise choices. I had just started reading Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet, and knew it was time to make some changes.

I am proud to say that I went to my annual physical last week, and found that my blood pressure was completely in normal range. Another bonus is that I am 12 pounds lighter from last year and lost 2% body fat. Although I would have liked to have lost more weight, I am still considering this a success, since I really did not actively “diet” at all, but simply made better food choices, on the whole. I attribute a lot of this to giving up dairy and cutting down on how much I eat out.

Having a more consistent meditation and yoga practice, coupled with cutting out caffeine has been amazing for my anxiety, stress levels and working through the grief/trauma of my father’s murder, last year.


It helps me take care of my soul, emotions, body, mind and heart. Yoga and meditation have changed my life and help me deal with myself, my situations, my job, my health, my family, etc. in a whole new way.

I follow Kris Carr on Instagram, and I love this post:


It’s such a shame that sometimes we do need a stranger to tell us, but it is so important to take care of our selves. If we do not take care of our own health, mind, soul and body, then who will? I absolutely hope to continue down this path of health and healing, to be the best me I possibly can and hopefully let some of that positive light touch as many beings as the universe allows.

Peace and Love,

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