Mean Green Pasta

I will not take credit for this meal, but I definitely had to share.

I was a previous broccoli and brussel sprout hater. I would avoid them both and constantly announce my hate for them.

It turns out; I just never had them cooked properly. I thank my husband for showing me the error of my ways, and making me love both.

He boiled some broccoli and lightly sautéed brussel sprouts in some olive oil + loads of garlic.

He then topped of some of Trader Joe’s brown rice pasta with delicious homemade pesto (basil, spinach, olive oil, lemon, pumpkin seeds, sea salt and even more garlic-this was the theme of the evening), the brussel sprouts and broccoli. This came out to a powerful, vivacious green meal. It was incredibly filling and garlicky aromatic (which I wish was more socially acceptable).


Have you re-discovered any foods you previously despised?

One thought on “Mean Green Pasta

  1. I’ll eat broccoli raw but won’t even allow it to be cooked in my house because I can’t stand the smell (let alone the taste) of cooking/cooked broccoli!! Forget brussel sprouts! I wish I liked them but I’ve tried multiple times without success. I used to shun mushrooms but have started eating them in the past couple years (again, raw, which is how I eat most veggies) along with broccoli. I wish I could learn to like peppers and onions because that would make eating out so much easier!

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