Vegan MoFo & Baked Tofu

I am so excited to finally participate in Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo).


Vegan MoFo goes through the month of September, and it’s a chance for bloggers to talk about all things Vegan. There are some various categories of bloggers, such as; Arts & Crafts, Baking, Beauty & Life, Comfort Food, Convenience, Desserts, Entertainment, Family & Kids, Gluten-Free, Travel, etc. etc. (There are some amazing vegan bloggers out there!)

I am not going to focus on a specific category of veganism. I plan to blog a few of my favorite recipes and open it up to my readers about anything you may want to read about. Do you have any questions about veganism that I can try to answer? Is there any recipe you would like to see me try to veganize? Anything else?

I want to kick off my VeganMoFo experience with a delicious recipe. I went to a work conference over the summer. The Hyatt, where it was held, was nice enough to always have a vegan option available for me, in place of the buffet food. I was served this delicious dish of tofu, brown rice and broccolini. It was so simple, not overly seasoned and flavored. The ingredients natural wholesomeness and taste stood out. Not to mention, it was incredibly filling and delicious.

I knew it should be relatively easy to replicate and I was right. The brown rice was simple, nothing fancy, just boiling water and steaming rice.

The broccolini I cooked for 2 minutes in boiling water, then shocked with cold water. I then gave it a very light sautee in a pan with Earth Balance, garlic and lemon zest. I only sautéed it a few minutes so the broccolini did not get wilted, only flavored. I wanted that beautiful crunch to stay in tact.

I started draining and pressing the extra firm tofu earlier in the day, so it was dry and firm by dinner. I cut the block into slabs, and put it in an oven pan sprayed with Olive Oil spray.

I drizzled Bragg’s Aminos & Vegan Worchestire sauce on the tofu, along with salt & pepper. I baked it in the oven at 375 degrees, for 10 minutes, then flipped the tofu slabs over, added more marinade, and baked for another 10 minutes.


The tofu remained firm, but the flavors seeped in wonderfully. It all came together as a beautiful and hearty meal.

9642226808_9089f21905_o What would you like to see from me, during Vegan MoFo?

6 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo & Baked Tofu

  1. So – Braggs? What is the appeal? I’m just curious, as no one seems to have a definitive answer? I find it prohibitively expensive and with none of the fermented umami flavor you get in soy sauce. It has the same amount of sodium as low-sodium soy sauce, it’s gluten-free, but so are many soy sauces any more and the “aminos” thing has been debunked repeatedly, but everyone still uses it instead of soy sauce. Not meaning to sound argumentative, just truly perplexed.

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