The Book Chat 09.12.13 Favorite Book Covers


This week’s Book Chat topic is Favorite Book Covers. I blogged about this before during the Preview to Summer Blogger Book Swap, so I am cheating and re-posting:


On this week’s link up to Preview to Summer Blogger Book Swap, we are answering the following questions:

bookcover21. Do you judge a book by its cover?

I would love to answer no to this question, but my honest and shallow answer is yes, I do. I definitely will not count a book out because of it’s cover, but often, that is the first impression you get of a book and what draws your interest and piques your curiosity about what the subject matter may contain.

2. How important is cover design to you?

It is fairly important. Again, besides recommendations, it is what is first going to make me curious and interested in a book.

3. Share your favorite book cover.

ShanghaiGirls_cover When I first saw the cover to Shanghai Girls, I immediately picked it up to find out what it was about. The cover is stunning and once I finally read the book, I realized how fitting it was. It truly exemplifies the period of modern fashion, independent women and beautiful girls in Shanghai.

4. What book surprised you the most, despite its unappealing cover design?

I would not call this cover necessarily unappealing, but it did surprise me. The cover lead me to believe the book was about a new, trendy diet. I thought it was geared to the modern woman, who was always on the go and I would find suggestions about how to eat healthy, even with a busy lifestyle.

I was very surprised to find this book was an introduction to veganism. I learned more and more about the effects of factory farming, environmentalism and how what I consume effects important factors on a world wide scale. This book started my journey into veganism, a positive, but unexpected outcome.

skinny_bitch5. In your opinion, what makes a book cover intriguing?

I think a mixture of being aesthetically pleasing and relevant to the text. I like covers that cause me to be intrigued by the book, curious, but not confused as to what the heck the cover picture has to do with the blurb I am reading on the book flap.

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5 thoughts on “The Book Chat 09.12.13 Favorite Book Covers

  1. I’ve always disliked the Skinny ***** covers, but I’ve heard great stuff about their books, which is interested to me. I’m really excited for the upcoming brand new Harry Potter book covers, designed by Kazu Kibuishi. He’s a fantastic graphic novel artist, and I’ve seen peeks of the new covers, which are BEAUTIFUL. I think they may go into my favorites category. I kinda want to own them when they come out!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Gregory Maguire covers really are magical. And I completely agree with you. The more interesting a book cover, the better chance of me picking it up to see what it’s about. Have a great Sunday!

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