Vegan Food in the Heat: No Cooking Required


I have to admit that VeganMoFo has been a little bit challenging. I have not been cooking much lately, there is a ridiculous heat wave occurring in Southern California, and it has not been less than 90 degrees the past few weeks.

I am drooling over some of the other posts such as; Teriyaki Seitan Asada tacos,  Five Cheese Baked Mac n Cheese, Hot Pumpkin Mug, BLT Mac & Cheese and Eggplant Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese, However, I start sweating just thinking about turning on my stove or oven.

I tried to get more creative this past week and make some dishes that did not require heating up my already hot kitchen.

I first made Spabettie’s Spicy Coconut Almond Dipping Sauce. This is such a classic, it has few ingredients, but makes such an amazing sauce! I used this as a dipping sauce for a collard green wrap.

I first trimmed off the collard green steam, then filled it with sliced bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, tofu and avocado.

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The sauce truly transformed  raw vegetables into a full meal that was high in nutrients and required no additional heat.

These meal did the trick for the time being, but I am definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures. I really miss baked sweet potatoes, filling soups, homemade pizza and hearty stir frys.

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