Sage Pesto over Beans & Broccoli


This recipe was inspired by one of the descriptions in Under the Tuscan Sun and the fact that I never make use of the sage, in my garden.

I made a sage pesto, by adding to the food processor:

  • A hearty handful of sage
  • A heaping handful of spinach
  • A few drizzles of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of crushed garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast
  •  A sprinkle of sea salt

The sage pesto had a nice, earthy flavor. It was not too different from my basil pesto, just a slightly diverse taste.

I used broccoli as the base for this dish, to try to save some calories from all the pasta I usually eat. I sautéed about 6 stalks of chopped broccoli in extra virgin olive oil and crushed garlic, seasoned with sea salt and pepper. I also added in 3 tablespoons of Sonnet’s Cashew Cream sauce, that I made earlier in the week.

Next, I warmed up one can of red beans and one can of white beans, while adding in another teaspoon of garlic.

I poured the pesto all over the beans and mixed thoroughly. I also topped with a few sun-dried tomatoes and vegan Parma.

This made about 6 servings, enough for dinner and lunch leftovers.

This was a flavorful meal that was not too heavy. I LOVE hearty, oily pastas with tons of ingredients, but, in an effort to shave some calories here and there, using veggies as a base was a great alternative.


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