The Book Chat 09.19.13 Books Everyone Should Read

This week’s Book Chat Topic is A Book You Think Everyone Should Read. I am cheating again and re-posting from a very similar topic previously blogged: books every young woman should read:

The second link up topic for the Preview to Summer Blogger Book Swap is “Five Books Every Young Woman Should Read.”

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tucker max5. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell– Tucker Max is not anyone I aspire to be like or admire, but I do appreciate and respect his unbridled, candid accounts of his exploits and adventures. Reading this gives you a great look into the minds of some men, and how women can sometimes come across to them. I won’t say that all men are like Tucker Max, but I think many, many, at certain stages in their life are and it is eye-opening for women to realize how they are perceived and subsequently treated, because of the way they act.

WildTP_Books-330 4. Wild-This account of a young woman who hikes the whole Pacific Crest Trail alone is inspiring and motivating. It not only discusses the bravery it takes to head out on a hike for months, alone, but it also addresses how much courage it takes to confront yourself and wrangle, plus make peace with, the demons of the past and present.

skinny_bitch 3. Skinny Bitch– There is undoubtedly better books that give a great scientific overview about the importance of what we eat and the effects that it has on our health. However, Skinny Bitch breaks it down in simplistic terms that everyone can understand and relate to. I can not express how important I think it is for everyone, but particularly young women, to understand how what they eat impacts their health, physical appearance, the environment, the economy, the world, etc.

awakening 2. The Awakening– This book completely challenged the way I thought, when I first read it in a Feminist Literature class, as an undergrad. It challenges gender roles and discusses how harmful they can be in society, particularly in the oppression of women. I think it is so important for us to ask ourselves, am I making choices because this is what I want to do, or what I think others want out of me?

the_collected_autobiographies 1. The Collected Biographies of Maya Angelou– This is technically 6 books, in 1, but I could not possibly pick. Maya Angelou is one of my favorite authors, and a remarkable, admirable woman. She has lead an extraordinary life filled with education, dance, performance, teaching, travel, humanitarian work, plus all of life’s ups and downs along the way. She shares this life with us through her beautiful prose and majestic imagery. There is definitely something everyone can take away from it.

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