Masa of Echo Park-Vegan Deep Dish Pizza


This past weekend, while on the way back from Venice Beach, we stopped at Masa of Echo Park. I had this restaurant bookmarked on Yelp for awhile now, and was so curious to try their deep dish pizza.

Pizza will never be the same again, the amazingness of this dish completely ruined all other pizza for me.

We had to wait for a while for our pizza, which only made it that much better when it finally arrived.

First, we started with vegan garlic bread, with chunks of Teese mozzarella on it.


We were told that the deep-dish pizzas take longer to bake, so we happily snacked on our garlic bread.

However, about 20 minutes later, we were told that they made our pizza non-vegan, by accident. The staff was extremely apologetic and bought us a glass of wine.


Finally, our pizza arrived. We chose the veggie pepperoni, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes as our toppings.


The pizza absolutely lived up to the hype I read about on Yelp. The crust was thick, yet flavorful, without being too greasy. The toppings were generous, yet not sliding off.

The best part was there was plenty for leftovers and it tasted even BETTER the next day for lunch!


I will definitely be back!

What is your favorite pizzeria? 

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