December Reads

1. Fire – This was the second book in The Graceling series.  I loved the first book, Graceling and was excited to be in a new series, world and meet new characters. However, Fire did not continue to live up to those expectations. I really do not know exactly what it was to make me despise this book so much. It took me over two weeks to finish, because I kept dreading going back.

Maybe I was just in a weird, distracted place personally, but I could not get into the story. The plot just sort of fell flat for me, and I really did not connect with any of the characters. I found Fire annoying and would roll my eyes every time her astounding beauty was mentioned, which was often.

I was disappointed because I heard so many good things about this series and loved the first book, but now I am seriously debating whether or not to even attempt the third.


2. Valley of Amazement – I just love Amy Tan’s works and am particularly drawn to any book set in Shanghai, after having visited there, last March. I found this book about the courtesan world in the early 20th century fascinating and beautifully told. Amy Tan does such an amazing job of describing the complex relationships between women and how ties form that cannot be broken, over lifetimes. Plus, the cover is just gorgeous! I totally judge a book by it’s cover and was immediately drawn to it, upon it’s release.


I seriously thought I had read more than two books in Decemeber, but unless I forgot to log something in my Goodreads account, this was it. My next post my feature a wrap-up of my books for 2013.

What did you read in December?

3 thoughts on “December Reads

  1. I must be in a fog, but I can’t remember the books I read in December – but I know I read a ton of them! I need to start a goodreads account to track them!

  2. Each book in the Graceling trilogy are VASTLY different. I totally understand what you mean about Fire, but I definitely still loved it. Each of her main characters in each of the three books have a distinct quality that is meant to make the reader hate to love them (or love to hate them?) and you’ll feel similarly in Bitterblue. The last book is tough to get through because it’s not adventurous at all but rather extremely literary and haunting. There were parts of it I really disliked, but getting back to Bitterblue was like re-discovering an old friend. I think you should give it a shot 🙂

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