5 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 1 & 2

I am writing this at the end of Day 2. I had planned to take some pictures while juicing today and share some of the recipes.

Instead,  I just woke up from a nap that I craved all day long and I am already thinking about going back to sleep. I still have not prepped tomorrow’s juices.

Day 2 has been rough.

Let me back up though…

Day 1 recap-This was a relative breeze. I still felt full from the day before. I had to force myself to drink juices #3 and #4 because I really was not hungry or in need of them.

I did not feel any sense of hunger until around 6:00 PM, more than halfway through my 90 minute yoga class (which I felt great in).

The evening’s smoothie cured my hunger and I went to bed with ease thinking the next 4 days would be easy.

Day 2 recap- When I did the 3 day juice cleanse, day #2 was definitely the hardest, so I expected that again from this cleanse.

I woke up with a headache. I still have that very same headache.

It has been unceasing. I have tried to get rid of it and it has increased and decreased in strength all day, but it still makes it’s presence known.

I have tried drinking copious amounts of water. I went to the chiropractor (normally, when I have a headache, it’s because I need to be adjusted). I even treated myself to a 30 minute massage at the chiropractors. I took a nap. I did not make it to yoga class. I did not juice. I have not done any of my usual evening activities, because all I want to do is lay down in complete darkness to stop my head from pounding.

And, I am tired. I just cannot seem to shake this.

I apologize for being whiny and I recognize that these are pretty typical detox symptoms. I truly hope tomorrow is better. I also apologize for a lack of pictures in this post and do commit to sharing all the juicing recipes with you.

I dislike being negative in this space, but I also want to be upfront and honest about every aspect of the juice cleanse.

Day 2 just sucks. Fin.

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