Yoga 101 Workshop




I am insanely privileged, not to mention excited, to be conducting a Beginner’s Yoga Workshop, this coming Saturday, January 11th, from 1-3 PM, at the studio I teach at, Inner Evolution Yoga.

This workshop is designed for those with NO yoga experience. It is to introduce the basics of yoga and answer any questions along the way. It is for the person who has been curious about yoga, but maybe worried that they would be lost in a class. It is for the person who is wanting to slowly make some healthy changes to their life, in this new year.

If your in the Southern California area, and think this may be for you, you can register by clicking here. Or, feel free to pass this along to anyone who could benefit.


come at me bro

6 thoughts on “Yoga 101 Workshop

  1. I’m so happy for you!! I might be a few thousand miles closer but I’m still very far away 😦 I’m sure it will be a fantastic day, though. Congratulations!!

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