5 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 3 & 4

Day 3 on the juice cleanse did not get much better than Day 2. In fact, it got a little worse. I still had the same headache when I woke up, plus, some added neck and back pain. I was extremely fatigued, even though I had napped and went to sleep early, the night before.

I was disappointed and losing hope. I really expected to wake up feeling much better and starting to experience those juice cleanse highs.

Day 3 was a looooong day. The headache was unrelenting. I did not feel much hunger, but I craved food for comfort. All day I dreamed of a bean and rice burrito from Miguel’s Jr, with loads of guacamole…or maybe a whole tray…

I knew it was bad when I was walking the hallway at the school I work at, and saw a smashed up hash brown on the floor, and thought, “that looks kind of good.”

I also felt incredibly tired. I got through my work day and collapsed on the couch when I got home. All I wanted to do was throw the blanket over my head and sleep.

I was supposed to teach yoga that night, but luckily, I found a fellow yogi friend who subbed for me. I am extremely grateful because I do not know how effective I would have been.

I was pretty discouraged on the evening of Day 3. I just wanted to eat! I wanted my headache to go away! I did not want to get up off the couch to juice the next day’s juice. Luckily, my wonderful husband (who was feeling amazingly energetic)  did all the juicing for us, so I did not have to. I just laid on the couch and felt sorry for myself.

I went to sleep pretty early and woke up well-rested and energetic on Day 4. I had a slight headache, but nothing compared to the previous 2 days. I felt SO much better and was ecstatic to hopefully be past the detoxing phase.

Day 4 was a breeze in comparison to Days 2 & 3. My headache was completely gone by early morning (after I drank a few glasses of water) and my energy stayed high throughout the day.

I always felt much more clear headed and productive. The previous 2 days, I felt as though I was walking around in a fog.

On Day 4, I worked an extra long day due to an event at my school in the evening. Normally, days like this leave me tired and cranky, but my energy stayed pretty steady and I felt upbeat.

juice at work

The hunger is not too bad and is pretty timed up with when it is time for my next juice.

I was really worried that I would not last past Day 3. I was thinking about quitting there for a while and taking my ceaseless headache as a sign that I “needed to eat.” However, I am glad I stayed with it and noticed the detoxing symptoms. I did my best to breathe through the discomfort and remind myself it was only temporary….or I whined like a baby on the couch. I sort of alternated between the two.

I am looking forward to Day 5 and the end of the cleanse, but I do not feel an overwhelming need to eat. My hunger is satisfied enough with the juices and I am enjoying the energy and clarity that comes with the cleanse.

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