Vegan Tacos; Walnut & Korean Tofu

I had some friends over this week to watch Forks Over Knives, so I could spread by vegan propaganda, and forcefully thrust by beliefs upon them.

Kidding. Kind of.

But, I did make tacos, so that makes any lecturing they had to endure worth it, right?

I went with one new recipe, and one of my favorite, safe recipes.

I made korean tofu tacos, one of my favorite meals and one that I know would be appealing in taste and flavor. I also wanted to showcase a delicious way to make tofu, since sometimes people tend to be completely confused as to what to do with it.



The new recipes I tried was raw walnut “meat”. I am still not over how easy and delicious this came was. I combined all the ingredients in the food processor, whirled it around and that was it! I could not believe how “meaty” the texture was and was appalled that I had not tried this before.



The “meat” tasted only slightly nutty, it tasted mostly like the seasoning, than anything. The mixture is raw and by no means, needs any cooking. I did however, give it a quick warm through on the stove, so it was more “taco” like.

100_1430 100_1432

The perfect taco relies heavily on it’s toppings. I tried to have plenty available. I laid out; Tapatio, sriracha, black sesame seeds (goes great with the tofu tacos), sliced green onions, shredded carrots, chopped cilantro and avocado slices.

100_1433Alongside my tacos, I served up my massaged kale salad. It paired well and was a refreshing contrast to the spicy tacos.

100_1435 I love showcasing just how delicious food can be, without causing harm to our animal friends. I truly hope my homies enjoyed the meal!

100_1437Thanks, Angie & Sean, for being willing open-minded and good sports.




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