Gracias Madre-WeHo

This weekend, I visited the much anticipated Gracias Madre, in West Hollywood. GM is an all vegan, Mexican restaurant. I get waaaaay excited and overwhelmed when I can order ANYTHING off a given menu, and even more excited that some of my favorite dishes were veganized and readily available.

There has been a San Francisco location established already and I frequently drool over the pictures that the VegNews headquarter Instagram posts. I was stoked to find out that a Southern California location was coming.

When we got there, the place was packed and the wait was over an hour. Although I was hungry and grouchy, I could not help but be excited that an all vegan restaurant was generating so much buzz.

We waited exactly an hour, and it was worth every minute.

We started with the essentials; chips + guacamole & Margaritas:

12162672775_b38f773f3b_o 12162668965_cfc4c5149d_o

We were not done with appetizers though, next we ordered QUESADILLAS DE CALABASA (Butternut squash and caramelized onions folded into tortillas with cashew nacho cheese and pumpkin seed salsa) and REPOLLITOS CON QUESA FONDIDO
(Brussels sprouts and caramelized onions baked in cashew cheese and topped with garlic breadcrumbs). The quesadillas were savory, but with a nice touch of sweetness from the squash. The brussel sprouts went well with the onion bake and now I know how to say brussel sprouts in Spanish.

12163337606_dae5a1a079_o 12163093674_49c8553671_o

For my entree, I ordered the CHILAQUILES (Tortilla chips simmered in a spicy tomato salsa, topped with cashew crema, cilantro and avocado, served with black beans), which I have literally been craving for YEARS. This dish reminds me of one my grandma used to make me and it is such a high level of comfort food. I have not had it since she passed, and I think I need to get to work on replicating a veganized version of her recipe.

12163351046_3e7d153041_oMy husband did not mess around and ordered EL PLATO (Some of everything. Butternut squash, cashew nacho cheese, plantains, cilantro pesto, escabeche, rice, pico de gallo and beans). I definitely recommend this for a sample of what the restaurant has to offer. The cilantro pesto was a hit.

12163344396_1ca199fa6c_oEven though we were already packing up leftovers, I still really wanted to try a dessert. We ordered MOCHA CHEESECAKE (With chocolate cinnamon sauce). This was pure decadence.12162940433_ba426e7d76_oI cannot recommend Gracias Madre enough. I definitely look forward to my next visit.

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