Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen

I had been eagerly anticipating the release of Joni Marie Newman’s new cookbook, Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen.


The recipes in the book combine cuisine styles, ingredients and flavors from various cultures to produce tantalizing dishes that highlight on the best spices and textures from around the world.

I am eager to begin cooking my way through this book. I have already made the Notchows  with miso cheese sauce and the roasted red pepper macaroni and cheese, both were huge hits.

This weekend, I wanted to try the Bean Ball Bahn Mi with Hot, Sweet and Sour Bean Balls, Creamy Sesame Sriracha Sauce and California Kimchi. This was definitely more of a weekend recipe, the ingredients took some time to prepare, however, it was nothing too difficult.

I started off by making the bean balls. It involved some blending of ingredients in the food processor, kneading of the dough and allowing it to sit, then rolling it out into balls in preparation for baking.


While the dough sat, and the balls baked. I worked on the kimchi and the sauce.

The sauce was made easy enough by throwing the ingredients into the blender. It made a lot more than I expected, I have plenty for leftovers that I plan to use this week, along with the leftover kimchi, on top of couscous.

12426859893_b6419f508c_oThe kimchi called for a lot of vegetable ingredients. I used what I had on hand, in my fridge, so there were some items left out, but I still think it came out great. There is plenty leftover. It added such a nice colorful crunch to the bahn mi.

12426867053_fa6256b718_o 100_1452

Once all the ingredients were finished, my husband cut up some huge pieces of french baguette, and we started to build our sandwiches.


I also made a side of the Spicy Broccoli recipe from the book. This is definitely a great idea for a weeknight meal, it only took fifteen minutes to prepare.

100_1454The dish came out wonderful. I really liked the flavor and texture the kimchi added. The sauce tied the sandwich together nicely with creamy, spicy finish. The balls were “meaty” and flavorful. The broccoli had a nice crunch, with a spicy after kick from the red pepper flakes.


100_1459What is your favorite cookbook?





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