Half-Marathon Training Plan: Run Through Redlands 2014

After going deliberating back and forth, I decided I will, once again, run the Run Through Redlands Half-Marathon, for the sixth year, in a row.

I almost decided not to do it, because of the race start time. In years past, the race has started at 7:30. At the end of April, in Southern California, the sun is already shinning bright and by the end of the race, it is blaring down on you. I have always finished the race feeling like this:


Nauseous, at the end of the 2013 race

I voiced my concerns, on the race’s Facebook page, along with many other participants. When race registration opened up for the year, I was disappointed to see that the race time was a mere 10 minutes earlier. I would be happy to start at 6:00 AM to beat the heat. I really went back and forth about whether or not to sign up this year, but sided with tradition and supporting my local community, and thus, will be running one of my favorite courses, once again.

You can read my re-cap of last year’s race by clicking here, or a quick snap shot of years previous by clicking here.

I was eager to rush back into running this year. I looked for races to sign up for in January and February, but am glad that I waited. I have taken the time to slowly build my endurance and miles up, and bring strength training back into my life, despite my on-going HATE for it (you can read all about that by clicking here).

My sisters have helped keep me accountable (they have been kicking butt at the gym, lately) and I have been trying to make my way through Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. I am slowly making my way through her workouts, and hating them a little less each time (although still NOT loving it the way I do yoga or running).

Jillian Ripped My training plan for this race is to run at least twice during the week (one 4-5 mile run at race pace and one 3 mile speed run), and one long run on the weekends.

I have slowly been increasing my miles already, so the remainder of my long runs, will look like this:

  • 2/22- 8 miles
  • 3/1-9 miles
  • 3/15-10 miles
  • 3/22-6 miles
  • 3/29-10 miles
  • 4/5-13 miles
  • 4/12-10 miles
  • 4/19-6 miles
  • 4/27-RACE DAY

I am really hoping to shave some time off of last year’s race of 2:12. I doubt I will beat my personal record of 1:57 from 2010 (I always feel like Uncle Rico when I talk about that race), but it would be nice if I did!

I am excited to have a running goal to focus on again. This always helps keep me more accountable and focused.

Are you training for any races?

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