2014 in Books-February

1. Buddhist Biology– This was a short book, but it took me almost two weeks to get through. The author makes comparisons between buddhism and biology, and how they coincide in an ecological, environmental and genetic manner.

I like to think of myself as an intelligent person, but this book made me feel inferior in my scientific knowledge. It took me awhile to digest and understand all the concepts, but it was definitely an interesting read, that gave me quite a bit to think about.


2. Eat Pray Love– This was my second time reading this book, I re-read it for one of my book clubs.

I first read this book in 2009 and in a very different place in my life. The first part of this book really spoke to me, at that time and I feel like I barely even noticed the last 2/3 of the book.

This time around, I noticed so many things I had not before. I really connected with the author’s spiritual journey. The portion from India really resonated with me and my current journey with yoga and meditation.


3. A Tale for the Time Being– This book was the pick for my other book club and I am reserving my final judgment for it, after I have discussed it more, but overall…it depressed the heck out of me.

The story is told from alternating narrators and one is a Japanese teenager, who gets excessively bullied at school and has an overall miserable existence.

The redeeming character in the book was the great-grandmother, a Buddhist nun who had always had insightful lines and brought about some positivity to the story.

A-Tale-for-the-Time-BeingWhat did you read in February?


6 thoughts on “2014 in Books-February

  1. I’m intrigued by the first book you read. I really enjoy books that combine spirituality and science. I have been reading one talking about a man’s experiences with 5-MEODMT and the spiritual aspects of it. But then the author goes into the science of certain spiritual concepts, and it’s just fascinating.
    Eat, Pray, Love has actually been on my books to read as well. I’ll give it a go if I come across it.

    I haven’t read much this month, or the month before, or the month prior. While I love reading, I haven’t had the concentration, or dedication for books recently. It’s been a bit of reflection on my character – I read most of a book, but then the final few chapters end up remaining unturned.

    • The book you mentioned sounds interesting…I may check it out and thanks for the recommendation.
      If you are interested in the combination of spirituality and science, then I would definitely check out Buddhist Biology!

  2. I’m currently reading Cambodia’s Curse, which is very very sad. I just finished The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud which was really good. I don’t always get into fiction, but I read this book in just a couple of days.

    Your Buddhist book sounds interesting. A couple years ago I started reading (and I can’t remember the exact name, and am too lazy to google it), but it was about the connection between Buddhism and neuroscience. High level stuff, too high-level for my pea brain!

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