30 Day Yoga Challenge: Week 1

30 day

The first week of my 30 Day Yoga challenge is complete! It was challenging to get yoga in everyday, but despite adding in more classes to my regular schedule, it actually made my days run smoother and easier. It was nice to have designated time each day, devoted to my practice, breath and connection with my body.

Day 1-I participated in the Chaturanga workshop given by the amazing Leanna. I worked on refinement and alignment of this difficult pose and am actually learning to embrace the intricacies of it.


Day 2-I did a 9 mile training run to prepare for Run Through Redlands Half-Marathon, so I wanted to take it a little easier. Luckily, my studio added a Yin: Slow, Deep, Stretch class to the schedule, for the month, so I was able to enjoy a nice, slow class that was focused on deep stretching. This was perfect after my morning run.


Day 3-I went to a 90 minute Level 1-2 class that was hotter than normal. I did not sweat, I rained, and apparently look like Simba when I lay down on my mat.


Day 4-I went on a 3 mile speed run and then took another Yin class. I have such a love/hate relationship with Yin. I love the relaxed atmosphere and slow space, however, you hold the poses for long periods of time (sometimes 5-8 minutes), so if it’s a pose that you normally ignore, it can be extremely confrontational.


This was how Tuesday was for me, all the poses were aimed towards opening the hips, the area where I am tightest. However, I know those poses are SO needed, so it was a good opportunity for me to stretch that part of my body and work on quieting my mind, even in the midst of something I did NOT want to do.

Day 5-I quickly got in a 3 mile run, then jetted off to teach my Beginner class and was SO excited that both my sisters showed up to take my class. I also had some friends attend. It really added to the positive energy and connection in the room.


After my own class, I stayed to take the 90 minute Level 1-2 HOT class. It was another sweaty experience!

Day 6-I was definitely starting to feel the “challenge” part of the experience. I was  feeling fatigue from all the more intense classes and running. Instead of rushing off to an evening class, my husband and I decided to stay home and do our own Yin practice.

The challenge requires you to do 22 classes in the studio, but the either days can consist of a home practice.

It was a nice, relaxing way to still fit in yoga, but not stress about making it to a class.


I used the extra time in my evening to make raw brownies for my students (recipe from here). They enjoyed them along with vanilla Soymilk.


Day 7-I kept it light and went to Candlelight Yoga, one of my favorite classes! This is a restorative class that is geared toward completing relaxing and surrendering. It was such a nice way to end the week and release all work tension.

IMG_0296I am already feeling the benefits of practicing everyday. I do not feel as sore after my runs and I feel more clear-headed and calm throughout my day. I am looking forward  to the rest of the month and what it will bring.



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