30 Day Yoga Challenge: Week 2

30 day

The challenge is now well underway, and today marks the half way point. This week, I really battled fatigue. I felt like I could not get enough rest and was a little….off. I  think it may have been getting adjusted to daylight savings time, or fighting off some sickness that never broke through, but kept trying. Either way, it definitely added another component to the challenge that I needed to be aware of.

Day 8-I visited the Yoga Collective, in Venice Beach and had the privilege of practicing next to a friend I have known since I was a kid. This added such a nice element to my practice and elevated the class to a new level of positivity.


It was interesting to take a class at another studio. I was able to pick up some new cues from the instructor and see a few poses from a new perspective.

Day 9-This was the day the time changed and I was confused the whole day! Soon enough, it was time for yin class and I made the mistake of drinking a chai tea about an hour before. I am pretty sensitive to caffeine since giving up coffee, so this was a huge error in judgement. It made holding poses that much more difficult and calming my mind even more of a challenge.

More than anything in this challenge, I am starting to appreciate yin. I initially came to yoga all for the yang portions, the power, heated classes and to grow strong. I still love this part of yoga but have come to appreciate and NEED the whole other side to it.

Day 10-I was fortunate enough that my schedule allowed me to take my absolute favorite class, the 5:30 AM Morning Power Hour class. I absolutely love practicing first thing in the morning, and often do, at home, but it was great to start the day surrounded by others’ positive energy.

13166844335_cdf2c880b3_oDay 11-I made it to Community class with one of my favorite instructors! The Community classes are donation based and I love that my studio offers them! It gives everyone a chance to try yoga and the donations are given to local charities.

I was super excited to wear my new Notorious B.I.G. leggings that my sister picked up for me!

13166976163_03f5b028de_oDay 12-After teaching my Beginner class, I stayed to take the 90 minute Level 1-2 class. My energy had slowly been waning throughout the day, and after teaching my own class, I was wiped out. I spent quite a bit of that Level 1-2 class in child’s pose. I came home, chugged my pineapple, orange and carrot juice (too tired to whip up much else) and went to bed!

13166981553_7037ecac7a_oDay 13-My energy was still pretty low! I did not complete my scheduled run for the day and dragged myself to Beginner’s Yoga. My family came with me, which helped. I love practicing alongside these guys:

13166984893_674a85fa13_oDay 14-This was my last day of work before Spring Break! It ended off a busy week, and I decided to treat myself with a massage!

The stars all seemed to align when I was able to get the perfect massage appointment right after work. The universe had other plans for me though, as I walked out to my car and found my tire completely flat!

When I finally made it home, I settled into a home restorative practice. It definitely helped wash away all the franticness and stress of my week. This is now the second Friday in a row that I have done restorative yoga, and I am really appreciating how it ends off my  work week.

13166995103_4474914c16_oI am now officially on Spring Break and will hopefully, get caught up on rest and fight the last of this fatigue! I have quite a few classes I am subbing for in the next few days and I really look forward to the new experiences and perspectives.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Yoga Challenge: Week 2

  1. I’m so glad it is spring break too – I really need to recharge, and I’m glad it coincides with my taper for the ultra too! You are inspiring me to do more yoga – I have to do it with modifications because I’ve somehow injured my shoulder, but I need to rejuvenation!

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