30 Day Yoga Challenge: Week 3

This third week of a challenge, felt much less like a challenge, and much more like yoga was apart of my daily routine. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I know a big part of that can be attributed to the fact that I was on Spring Break from work, and off the whole week. I had all the time I wanted to incorporate yoga into my daily schedule and I absolutely loved it.

I was also extremely fortunate this week to substitute a few classes and have the unique experience of teaching other classes, on different days.

Day 15-I first attended the Pranayama (breath work and meditation) class, then stayed for 90 minutes of Level 1-2.

I had not attended Pranayama class since I did my teacher training, over the summer. I meditate at home, in the morning, before my work day begins. I NEED this time to set up my day with positive intentions. However, I forgot the powerful dynamic that comes from doing this in a group setting and being inspired by other people’s energy. It definitely reminded me to attend more.

I then stayed to teach the Community class. It was a morning filled with yoga and I would not have had it any other way.

Day 16-I started off the morning by teaching the Community class, followed by teaching Beginner’s class. I enjoyed both immensely, and it was great to teach on a different day, with a different group of yogis.

I was scheduled to teach a Level 1-2 class later in the afternoon, so in between, I did my own restorative practice alone. It was an interesting experience to have the whole studio to myself. I was able to relax, restore and renew my soul.


After my restorative practice, I was energized to teach again. It was a completely blissful day, I felt so grateful to be able to revel in yoga.

Day 17-This was my first “official” day of Spring break. I subbed another 90 minute Level 1-2 class and finally begin to unwind and get into vacation mode. I was considering doing a more vigorous class for my own practice, but decided to keep it mellow and attend the restorative candlelight class, in the evening. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to practice.

Day 18-I attended the Community Yoga class. I love this class, it is a step above Beginner’s yoga class. There is an emphasis on the basics and cues are given to remind you of correct alignment in poses. It is just challenging enough, while still restful and relaxing.

Day 19-I taught my Beginner’s class, then stayed for 90 minutes of Level 1-2.

We are working towards a 5 minute plank, by the end of the 30 days. We did forearm plank pose for 3 minutes and even from my knees I found it a HUGE challenge.

I found this picture on pinterest, and it pretty much sums it up…


Day 20-We had an overnight backpacking trip planned and were leaving pretty early in the morning to drive out to the trail.

I woke up extra early, and did a YogaGlo class. YogaGlo is definitely a new obsession. It is an online database of a variety of classes. I love the diverse selection and already have quite a few classes queued to try out. On this morning, I did a 60 minute yin class geared at stretching the hips and low back. It was exactly what I needed to prepare for a day of hiking with a heavy pack.


13328009275_93e75ffe18_o 13328400014_eb4e6012af_o

Day 21-We hiked back in the morning, and made it to our car by early afternoon. After a quick stop to Native Foods (which was soooo appreciated and savored!), we drove the few hours through traffic back home.


Native Chicken Wings


Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger

Luckily, we were back in time to shower and nap, and still make it to the restorative candlelight class. I have been bringing essential oil with me to class. My current favorite is the Tranquility blend by Aura Cacia. I rub a little under my nose before class and I feel like it brings deeper relaxation and serenity.


Do you use essential oils for anything?

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