Big Vegan Breakfast Burrito

I have had a craving for about one month for a HUGE breakfast burrito, the kind my mom used to make for me on the weekends, with her homemade tortillas. My mom gave me a dozen of her tortillas, last week. Unfortunately, they did not last long enough for these burritos, but they kept the craving alive.

I made shiitake bacon using this recipe. Maybe it’s been such a long time since I have had bacon, but it tasted EXACTLY like bacon to me. It confirmed a theory my husband and I often toss around, that people do not necessarily like meat…they like seasonings. It’s rare that anyone eats just meat, without any spices or sauce. They like those tastes, and they can easily be added to plant based products, for a similar outcome. I am very interested in testing this theory out, with the shiitake bacon, on a bacon lover. Anyone interested? 🙂

This fat burrito contained: shiitake bacon, soyrizo (sauteed with tomato and onion) and grilled potatoes. I topped the filling with loads of ketchup and tapatio:

big ass burrito Do you have any childhood favorites that you have veganized?

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