New Juice Recipes

Ever since completing a 5 day juice cleanse, back in January, my husband and I have been keeping up with a 1 day juice cleanse, every Monday. A once per week juice cleanse has been a nice way to keep up with gentle detoxing, and keep us MUCH more mindful of how we eat. Most Sundays, our kitchen looks like this:


I still like the recipes I used during the 5 day juice cleanse, (I posted them here), but I have been experimenting with a few new ones, so I do not get sick of the same ones, over and over.

A few of my new favorites:

1. Apple, turmeric, carrot and lemon

I have heard about all the health benefits of turmeric and wondered how it would taste in a juice, since I knew it had a spicy flavor. I went to a juice bar in Venice Beach, and tried an apple turmeric combo that was amazing! I added the golden beets and carrots for a little more sweetness:


The golden beets add a beautiful, yellow coloring and have a sweet taste:

100_1622Juice with all the ingredients:

13359971705_f443c957b9_o2. Grapefruit, orange, carrot and ginger:

I am calling this California juice because it had so many beautiful, refreshing, citrus notes.



As soon as I tasted it, I was inspired to begin singing the theme song for this show. I was surprised I remembered all the lyrics. Please tell me you do too!

3. Strawberries, melon, watermelon and mint:

This one was on the sweeter side, which is not always my favorite. It was refreshing and flavorful and could happily be enjoyed with some added rum 🙂

100_1623 100_1627


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