30 Day Yoga Challenge-Week 4

30 day

This was my last week of the 30 Day Yoga challenge! I kicked it off with an 11 mile training run, for Run Through Redlands on Sunday morning. I definitely felt a little more fatigue throughout the week, so I tried to balance out taking intense, hot classes, with slower and more relaxing classes.

Day 22-Pranayama and 90 minutes of hot yoga.

Day 23-Yin class. This challenge is really teaching me how much I need yin, and I am coming to embrace it in a new way. I really needed this yin class, after my morning run.  We did both Dragon and Pigeon pose (two poses that I talked about hating, but needing in this post).

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I was shocked to find that I was able to get into both poses much easier than before, and found a little bit of a deeper stretch. It showed me that I need to continue working these poses, because my body definitely needs them.

Day 24-This was my first day back to work after being off on Spring break, for one week, and I kept the momentum going with 90 minutes of hot yoga.

Day 25-I was feeling tired in both my body and mind, so I decided to stay home and do a Restorative practice on YogaGlo.

Day 26-I was incredibly tired this day, and had originally planned to stay for the class that is taught after I teach my Beginner’s. However, half-way through the day, I was dragging so much and decided to do a home practice, and get to sleep early.

My husband and I did a fun partner’s class on YogaGlo, before I headed off to teach. It was actually tons of fun and we plan on doing a whole lot more partner sequences at home. It helps to get into some stretches a little deeper and gives you a different way of relating to your body.


Day 27-I went to an amazing beginner’s yoga class and refocused on some basics.

Day 28-I was looking for some more work this day, so I did 90 minutes of hot yoga.

Day 29-I did a super fun Inversion workshop, taught by the awesome Leanna. Leanna is a great teacher, who shows you how to work up to inversion poses. She makes them so much less accessible and intimidating and gives options for all levels of students to work towards inverted poses.


Day 30-I MADE IT! I celebrated with a morning Beginner’s class, then stayed at the studio for the 30 Day Challenge celebration!


I learned so much this month and saw improvements in my practice in a variety of ways.

My next post will give a recap of my thoughts on these past 30 days.


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