Half-Marathon Playlist (part II)

So,..I totally thought this playlist would last me through the training and race day for my upcoming half-marathon. Turns out, I am already sick of it!

I have been lacking motivation in the running department (which is oh so convenient, with an upcoming race) and in desperate need of inspiration. Thus, came forth this new playlist, which I do hope, in fact, lasts me through the race itself.

This list features 35 songs and is 2 hours and 23 minutes long. This should cover me for the time I plan on finishing the race, but with my current attitude towards running, who knows.

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom-Selena (because I will definitely need some of this to get me through my run:)

Boom Boom-Kumbia Kings

Candy Rain-Soul for Real

Caught Up-Usher

The Cup of Life-Ricky Martin (If she can’t get me motivated, then no one can!)

Dance, Dance- Fall Out Boy

Dangerous-Michael Jackson

El Chico del Apartamento 512-Selena

Girls & Boys-Blur

Gold Digger-Glee Cast (one, of the many songs, I don’t care for the original, but love it when sung by the Glee Cast)

Got to Give it Up-Marvin Gaye

Hit Em Up-2 Pac & Outlaws (totally not a nice song. I have no idea why I used to love it so much.)

I’m A Machine-David Guetta


A Little Party Never Killed Nobody-Fergie from The Great Gatsby soundtrack

Love is My Religion-Ziggy Marley

Mo Money, Mo Problems-Biggie, Puff Daddy (when he was still Puff Daddy) & Mase

Ojos Asi-Shakira

P.I.M.P-Snoop Dogg & 50 Cent

Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO

Regulate-Warren G


Same Song-Digital Underground


Shake Senora-Pitbull & T-Pain (when I don’t want to run, I just need to think, what would Pitbull do?)

Somebody That I Used to Know-Glee Cast


Sugar, We’re Going Down-Fall Out Boy

Take It Off-The Donnas

Talk Dirty-Jason Derulo

Tootsie Roll-69 Boyz

Venus-Lady Gaga

We Are Here to Change the World-Michael Jackson

What’s Up-4 Non Blondes

Wild and Free-Ziggy Marley & Woody Harrelson

My half-marathon is less than a week away. With the temperature warming up in Southern California, I am less than excited for what will surely be a hot race.

Any words of encouragement are appreciated! 


4 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Playlist (part II)

  1. Great songs! I think I have to give up running… each time I try I injure myself. And I don’t really listen to music when I hike or bike either… but I always need good tunes for my commute 😉

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