Adventure Time: Europe Bound!

We leave tonight for Europe!


Excited does not say enough about how I feel.

I will return at the end of June and though I will miss my puppies immensely, they are in good hands with their aunt, my awesome, house sitting sister.

I have some great guest blogs set up, so please keep checking back.

I am not sure how much internet access I will have, but I will post pictures on Instagram, when I can.

I did my best to fit all my luggage into carry on only, to save time and space.



All my clothes are in my backpack, for the overhead, along with my travel yoga mat. In my backpack that will go under my seat I have:


  • Snacks (vegan essentials for long plane rides) Clif bars, coconut chips, vegan jerky and almond butter to top apples or bananas
  • Sweater (I always seem to be cold on planes)
  • Laptop
  • A case with my essential oils
  • Rick Steve’s travel books
  • Journal
  • Mediation book
  • Kindle: this is a new and exciting, addition for me. My husband recently surprised me with this, probably because I was thinking of bringing about ten books with me (or because he is a great guy).

So far, I have downloaded:

Hopefully, these will keep me occupied on the long plane rides.

So, farewell for now, friends. Please do stop by to check out my guest posts and I will post an annoying amount of pictures, when I come back.

Peace and love, always.


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